Candidate for Allentown City Controller

Independence, Accountability, and Transparency

The Ramos Family

Allentown needs an Independent City Controller

“I’m running because our city needs an independent City Controller – one who is independent of the city administration and City Council; one who’s able to provide an independent review of the city budget, services, contracts, projects, departments, and boards. My initial priorities will be to perform necessary audits and make them available for public review. I also want to give a clearer picture of our pension obligations and the total debt that has been put upon us these last 4 years. ” – Steven Ramos


Independent City Controller

He will promote good governance by ensuring an Independent City Controller’s office and providing fair and honest reviews of city proposals that spend tax payer money

Pensions and Debt

He will work to make our pension obligations and debt clearer

Greater Openness

Steven will promote greater openness of government making all finalized audits available for public review

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